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Recently, more & more studies have shown a connection between pesticides used on fruits & vegetables and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Studies show that children with higher levels of pesticides in their bodies were 35% more likely to have ADHD. This statistic Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care is not willing to accept!

WE SERVE ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES! We also serve organic milk and other foods where possible. Organic foods are not exposed to chemicals and pesticides as regularly grown produce. Because of this, we can limit the chances of children being exposed to harmful chemicals. We believe that for your “Little Sprout” to grow to their full potential developmentally and physically, they need a variety of high-quality, nutritious food. Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care believes in providing the best selections of food available! Check out our sample menu below. 

View our 4-week rotational lunch menu here.


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