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Keeping your family and our staff safe is of the utmost importance here at Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care. We've all been navigating through this new reality and doing our best to keep those in our immediate circle healthy. If you need to report a positive COVID-19 case or close contact exposure for our currently enrolled familiesplease message Little Sprouts via your Brightwheel account.Here are a few things we're doing at Little Sprouts to ensure our community stays safe and healthy:

Isolation Guidance for Children under Five and Staff​


According to LARA [childcare licensing], when a child or staff member tests positive for COVID and displays COVID symptoms [i.e., cough, runny nose, fever, etc...] within childcare, they are to be isolated from other children and staff and sent home. Any child or staff member with symptoms will be encouraged to get tested after five days. Under the new guidance, children who test positive or have symptoms and refuse to test after day 5 are to isolate from day 0 to day 10. Day 0 is when symptoms begin or the day the test was taken without symptoms. A child or staff who presents any COVID-like symptoms cannot return to care before the 5-day isolation period. If you decide not to have your child tested, you must isolate them for the entire 10-day period. Children and staff who test negative on day five may return to the childcare.

Quarantine Guidance for Children under Five and Staff​


According to LARA, a child exposed to someone with COVID or identified as a close contact must quarantine for 10 days after the last date of exposure. Our program will conduct contact tracing within the childcare operation and identify close contacts with the positive person. Children or staff who test positive for COVID will have to quarantine for 10 days.



Each morning, families and staff members must complete a daily health check. 


For staff members, this includes self-temperature readings and health checks that are individually reported to the Director before coming to work each day. 


Our families will drop children off in the front foyer to get a daily reading of their child. This temperature reading and a symptom checklist are entered into our digital sign-in/out process through the Brightwheel website/app. 


We ask that you stay home if you feel unwell.



Thanks to our childcare management software, Brightwheel, our signing-in and out process is quick, easy, and touchless. You can pull up the Brightwheel website/app on your phone, confirm that your health check has been completed accurately, and sign in your child using the QR code at the front entrance before entering.



Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care minimizes drop-off and pick-up traffic as a proactive step. We require each family to have only two designated adults for pick-ups and drop-offs. We ask that only one accompanying adult pick up and drop off each time of the day. 


We hope to avoid exposure and maintain a healthy environment within our immediate community. Drop-off and pick-up occur at the front entrance, where parents can quickly drop off while minimizing their entry into the classroom. 


Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care is kept clean and sanitized daily to help control germs and bacteria. All of Little Sprout's sanitizing products are EPA-approved. Our products are EPA-approved and considered “green” and are made with safe and natural ingredients whenever possible.

*Sol-U-Guard Botanical is approved by the EPA to be used against the coronavirus when used as directed

*Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners

*Method All-Purpose + Antibac

Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care continues to be vigilant in our cleaning regimen by disinfecting high-touch surfaces like light switches and doorknobs daily. Used toys are also sanitized daily. 


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