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Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care was founded in 2006 by Mrs. Kamillia Bagley, IMH-E® of Canton, Michigan. She is passionate about providing a high-quality early educational experience with an early start toward the love of learning and health.

Mrs. Bagley has a background in Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Infant-Toddler Mental Health, and the Science of Nursing! She has designed a Highscope-inspired curriculum with fun, stimulating experiences that help with concentration, sensory awareness, self-esteem, and creativity!



Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care is dedicated to providing a unique and enriching child care experience through quality care, organic & healthy foods, and attention to detail. We want to change the perception of what "child care" should be and far exceed parents' expectations. Your child deserves the best care and attention. Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care is a two-time 5-Star childcare. We fill your child's earliest memories with enriching, happy experiences!


Great Start to Quality focuses on high-quality early learning experiences that build the foundation for skills children need to thrive in school and life.


To accomplish this, they offer support to strengthen Michigan’s early care and education providers so they can continuously improve the services and support they provide young children, their families, and the community.


Our program at Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care has been validated by the Michigan Department of Education and Great Start to Quality as demonstrating Quality. This is the highest validation. 


Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care takes part in a comprehensive county project through the Great Start Collaborative-Wayne called, Help Me Grow. We ensure that children are on track with their learning and development and provide extra activities and services to help them excel!

Little Sprouts Enrichment Child Care, Great Start Collaborative – Wayne, Early On Wayne, and the United Way of Southeastern Michigan is committed to ensuring that all children in Wayne County, ages two months to 6 years, receive routine developmental screening. The results will allow you to monitor your child’s development, receive age-appropriate developmental activities and help them grow and develop.

Participation in this program is voluntary and at no cost to you. Once a developmental specialist has reviewed your child’s results, along with resources and activities, they are shared with you that will increase your child’s growth and development.


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